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Shashi NDT Services

Shishi NDT Services

Shashi NDT & Inspection Services, India's leading Material Testing, QA and Inspection Company. Shashi NDT provides a wide range of testing services as:

Radiographic Testing (Gama Ray & X-Ray):

A good environment is possible when all the team members are aware of their responsibilities and do the needful in the stipulated time. A well-managed team knows the targets or what is expected from them. They are always a step ahead in their achievements of the same.

Ultrasonic Testing

Is a Non-Destructive method in which beams of high-frequency sound waves are sent into the materials for the detection of subsurface flaws in the material. By measuring this sound a skilled ultrasonic testing operator can identify location and size of imperfection, particularly that wall thickness of the material.

Magnetic Particle Testing

A quick and reliable technique for detection and location of cracks on or just below the surface of ferrous metals. A magnetic flux is applied to the specimen, either locally or overall, using a permanent magnet, electromagnet, flexible cables or hand-held prods. Magnetic particles distributed over the component will be attracted to areas of flux leakage and produce a visible indication.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Aside from visual inspection this is the oldest and most widely used of all NDT methods. The method is used for crack detection, porosity, and other defects that break the surface of a material. It involves the application of a visible or fluorescent dye solution to the surface of a material and leaving it to rest for a pre-determined period of time. After some time the dye is washed off the surface and a developer is applied to the now clean surface and the defects where the dye has penetrated are made visible.

Visual Testing

One of the most widely used Non-Destructive (NDT) methods for the detection of discontinuities before they cause major problems. It is easily carried out, inexpensive and usually doesn’t require special equipment. It uses the combination of human senses such as vision, hearing, touch and smell.

Hardness Testing

Hardness is the resistance of a material to permanent indentation. It is important to recognize that hardness is an empirical test and therefore hardness is not a material property. This is because there are several different hardness tests that will each determine a different hardness value for the same piece of material.

Stress Releiving

Machining induces stresses in parts. The bigger and more complex the part, the more the stresses. These stresses can cause distortions in the part long term. If the parts are clamped in service, then cracking could occur. Also hole locations can change causing them to go out of tolerance. For these reasons, stress relieving is often necessary.

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