Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing (Gama Ray & X-Ray)

Radiographic Testing (Gama Ray & X-Ray)

Radiographic testing is one of the non-destructive tests that is a volume process, like ultrasound testing.

Radiographic testing (X-ray testing) is one of the most-used processes in non-destructive testing (NDT), along with ultrasound testing, and is used for inspecting weld seams and cast and forged parts for various applications.

Radiographic testing (RT) requires high-energy radiation, such as X-ray and gamma radiation, that is able to penetrate material.

Lack of homogeneity and flaws in the complete cross-section of the workpieces in materials of all types lead to differences in attenuation of the penetrating radiation.

The differences in attenuation can be documented as different shades of grey by using a film lying behind the test object and special image converters.

In the projection image of the component, variations in material thickness, volume defects and cracks can be recognized with a suitable radiation angle as differences in grey level. Contrast and defect resolution are functionally dependant on the component thickness, the quality of the radiation source, the radiation scatter and the type of film.

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